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Welcome to the fourth story of Creativity Bites.

This February I had the chance to exchange a few words with a very talented illustrator and graphic designer from Rome, Italy.

We talked about artistic landscapes, photography, colour contrasts and emotions.

Her name is Pamela Dragone and this is her story. I hope you enjoy it!

First things first, I am so happy to have you with us today, Pam! 

I know this might sound a bit difficult but...could you please describe yourself in 3 adjectives?

Social, artistic and...

Well, knowing you, I would definitely say that you are outgoing, altruist and funny!

Could you tell us where does your passion for Graphic Design and Illustrations come from? How has it developed over the years?

I was born in Rome and I think that shaped my deep love for art. Living there I was constantly surrounded by a series of artistic beauties, the history and incredible landscapes as it became part of my daily life. Since I can remember I’ve always been attracted by art and it was during my high school years - choosing an artistic school back then - that my passion for design developed into something more than just a hobby.

Where do you usually find inspiration? Is there any other form of Art that inspires you or that you use to express yourself? 

Well, it depends. I can take inspiration from something that happens to me or to someone I know, from something that catches my attention while walk around the city. I have to admit that I also take a lot of inspiration from Instagram, by following other talented illustrators or by looking at photographers, fashion stylists, tattoo artists etc.

I feel you, it works the same for me! :)

Tricky question: if you wouldn't be a Graphic Designer and an Illustrator, what would you be? 

Good question! I’m really passionate about photography and I actually started as a photographer assistant after my Bachelors. Design and photography have always had a significant role in my life until, at some point, design gradually took over. I’ve never abandoned photography though, I still use it for my work and as a hobby, whenever I have the time.

Looking at your work of art I can see that your colour palette is a combination of pastel, dreamy tones and a selection of more vibrant ones. Can you tell us how is this duality playing with the subjects of your illustrations?

It’s difficult to explain how I choose the colour palette because I don’t follow any specific rules or schemes. As you can see from my illustrations, I love playing with contrasting colours and I always aim to give a certain emotion when I combine them. So the way I chose colours really depends on what kind of vibe I want to transmit. In fact, I usually start with an idea of what colours I’m going to use but I have to admit that sometimes I completely change my mind during the creative process, and that's when I try to follow my instinct.

Can you tell us how your technique works? 

I’m still exploring different styles but, more or less, what I try to do is to translate the technique learned in High School and University and adapt them to my digital art, pushing the boundaries and experimenting with new techniques. It's continuously evolving.

Is there any specific object, place or person that you really enjoy illustrating? If yes, can you tell us why?

First on my list, without any doubts, is the sea: my grandparents came from this little town called Sperlonga, where I used to spend months at a time, and still do whenever I can. I don’t know how to explain it but there is something about the seaside in general that makes me feel happy and calm. Somehow, I guess it reminds me of home.

Second on my list would be human shapes: I know that this is quite generic but I love to create artwork that involves people and to analyse the differences and similarities of each individual human being. I could experiment and play with many colour palettes, skin tones, postures or positions for hours.

Could you list your top 3 or 5 favorite artists? 

A list of my favourite artists would be infinite so, to spare you, I’ll keep it related to designers / illustrators :)

Thomas Danthony, Caterina Bianchini, Malika Favre 

Are you planning any new creative projects in the upcoming future? 

At the moment I am focused on a few important client projects so my personal ones are on hold but I’m always making notes and taking inspiration for new ideas I may have / might develop in the future.

Where can people follow you or contact you, and most importantly, where can they buy your amazing illustrations? :)

You can find out more about my artwork on my Instagram account: @pamela.dragone

I’m currently selling my works on Etsy:

On my website you can find more about my design work:

Amazing! I look forward to seeing your next series of illustrations and to following your creative journey.

Thanks for sharing your story with us!

Stay tuned for more creative bites ;)

*Illustrations courtesy of @pamela.dragone* 

Interview by Sybilla C. Bertolaja, February 2021

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